service commitment-凯发k8一触即发

 service commitment-凯发k8一触即发
shandong tianyu construction machinery co.,ltd.
add:qihe economic development zone, shandong province
tel: 86-534-5678900
fax: 86-534-8997399
service commitment

after-sales service commitment

our tian yu people still believe the theme of “quality surviving,technology developing, supplying the best production, guaranteeing the first service, satisfing the customer’s request ”. “ quality occupies the market, good reputation win the customer ”is our pursuits. we will insist on our themes and pursuits and give our customer the best service and satisfied production. from this, we want to make our services into the whole processing of products.

sales and complaints hotline:0534-5678900

sales hotline for parts:0534-8997399

after-sales service hotline:0534-8997399

- train equipment operator and maintenance staff freely

- we will send technical staff freely to help to installate the equipment  (this is for some big production if customer need.)

- our production will obey the national standard of “threecommitments” from the date of leaving our factory

- our service hotline will give a 24 hours service, and try our best to satisfy our customer

- if there is something wrong with our producing in domestic, our technical staff will guide the problem through the telephone

- if the problem is serious, we will go to the local site to solve the problem

- after warranty expires, we will still give quality and cheap matching  products and spare parts in order to make the production runs normally

- install the file of saling customer, get a clear information of the saled  equipment operation in time

- give technical advice service timely